Manor Adressbooks

Within the 19th and 20th Century among others Niekammer, Stettin, has published several Manor addressbooks. One more is the Handbook of Landholding of the German Reich from 1879. Detailed information you will find in this section.
Handbook of Landholding of East Prussia (1879)

The Handbook of Landholding in the German Reich holds information about all large manors, their size, taxes, owners, leaseholders or administrators. This handbook was published separately for the German Provinces as East Prussia has been.


Index of manors or large landholdings for a rural district contains name of manor, size, land tax (Grundsteuerreinertrag) and distance to next post, train and telegraph station in km. The data is from the "Handbuch des Grundbesitzes" for the Province East Prussia in 1879.


Manor of the rural districts of East Prussia in 1932 (excerpts)

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